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About Center Helm

In a marketplace that is constantly trying to sell you on the glitz and glam of the "yacht" lifestyle, it's hard to know who to trust and understand the right decisions to make.  Center Helm is an education-based consulting firm that wants to teach you about the boats and boating happening in your area so that you're empowered to make educated decisions for yourself.  Whether buying a boat and in need of a survey to determine its quality or seeking to grow your boat handling skills, Center Helm and Capt. Scott Souders want to help you get the most out of your time on the water.

Capt. Scott Souders

SAMS® Surveyor Associate

Training Captain

Capt. Scott Souders, SAMS® Surveyor Associate, is the founder and chief operator of Center Helm. Scott is a graduate of Chapman's School of Seamanship, Yacht and Small Craft Survey, and a 100 Ton Captain of both sail and power vessels. As a US Powerboating Instructor Trainer and US Sailing National Faculty Member, he co-authored the most recent edition of Start Powerboating Right!. Capt. Scott has in-depth knowledge of the latest marine tech, including; which smartphone apps will best suit your boating needs, joystick piloting, pod steering, gyro stabilizers, chart plotters, and much more. He has trained owners/operators, families, professional captains, and crew in the Great Lakes, San Juan Islands, Florida Keys, Sea of Cortez, and the Caribbean. Teaching is his passion, and he's eager to help you dive deeper into boating.

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