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Purchase Assistance

Whether looking to buy your first boat or your tenth, Center Helm is here to guide you through the boat buying process. We know what makes one boat different or better than another. A surveyor can join you while looking at boats or look on your behalf and report back. We'll also help coach you through the paperwork and make sure you get a deal that you're happy with.


Trip planning

Suppose you're planning on crossing Lake Michigan or chartering in the Caribbean. In that case, we'd be happy to help you plan your itinerary, identify safe routes, write a provisions list and share the local hot spots worth exploring ashore.

Yard Work

Nothing ruins a day on the water like a boat that won't start. We're here to help you create and maintain great maintenance schedules that get you service when you need it and save money when you don't. With confidence in your service history, your boat is ready to go when you are. We can also oversee and help represent you as your boat undergoes major repairs or upgrades.

Boat Cleaning

How Can We Help?

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